Welcome to Mirror2

We provide free mirror services to open source software. This mirror is located in Eastern Kentucky and is Provided by Skynet Communications of Kentucky.

We will be preforming scheduled system maintenance on 10/3/2022 At 0700 EST. Estimated downtime will be between 30minutes to 1hour. All mirror2 services will be unreachable during this time. All mirror set updates will be paused on 10/2/2022 at 0700 to prevent data corrouption.

Click here to access the mirror via http and or https

You may access the mirror using the following protocols http,https and rsync over ipv6 and ipv4.

Click on the link below to submit a support request for mirror2 or to request software added to the mirror. Please include as many details about your request as possible in the ticket and allow for up to 48hours for a response.

Mirror support center

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Outbound Traffic From Mirror2

Thank you for using Mirror2